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A new app gives families fast, accurate information when someone is sent to prison.

Lack of information is a key complaint when a family member is sent to prison. But our new app for families gives the fast, accurate information that families need. 

Families are left in the dark in some cases not knowing what prison they have gone to our what to expect next.  “There was just this silence,” explains A whose son was sent to prison, “I didn’t know what to do or who to turn to.”

Since Covid, our presence in court and prisons has been reduced dramatically. But a QR code at court will enable families to download the app quickly and easily and access vital information such as – which prison they are likely to have gone to, how to make contact, how to send in money. The app will also link families to our support services including our helpline, support groups, advocacy service and one to one support.

Find out more contact 01273 499843 or download the Sussex Prisoners’ Families app from the app store or google play